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But like the hydra of Greek mythology, radical gender ideology seems to sprout new heads and find alternative ways into our children’s classrooms. It’s incredibly refreshing, then, to see Mark Latham tackling this issue head on. The former federal Labor leader turned NSW One Nation MP has introduced a bill to ban gender fluidity indoctrination from schools and to enshrine parental rights. While his proposed law only covers NSW, his stand is relevant to all state and territories. Here are some highlights of his recent speech on the subject.

“We hear a lot of talk in the political debate about colonisation, but the worst colonising practice in our society are attempts by social engineers, many of them in the education system, to take over the role of parents. It is part of the post-modernist attack on the nuclear family. In trying to unravel and remake our civilisation, they know the foundations of family are critical. If they can convince young people that things such as family and gender are socially constructed and that there is some kind of conspiracy to deny them their true identity, then no part of our culture is safe. Parents, not schools, are the teachers of the values of their children. There are some fine teachers in the education system, but at the end of the day they are strangers in the lives of families.

“They come and go while parents are there 24/7, loving, nurturing and celebrating the achievements of their children, and dealing with the problems late at night and on weekends, never with a six-week break. Parenting can be tough and, in the era of social media, it can be challenging. The main thing parents ask of schools in the social development of children is to do no harm. Do not confuse our children by telling five and six-year-olds that gender is as fluid as water and that they can be a boy one day and a girl the next; do not run classes in which 12-year-olds are told to pretend that they have come from another planet and arrive on earth without a penis or a vagina as Safe Schools did; do not confuse our children about the fixed biological reality of gender in that, other than a small number of cases, people are born male or female.

“Do not sexualise children, creating mental illnesses and other problems in their young lives; do not engage in the child abuse of promoting gender fluidity; and do not turn our schools into political indoctrination camps, imposing the personal views of educators onto students. Schools must deliver education, not indoctrination. The Government has some good intentions, but good intentions are not enough. The Berejiklian Government does not actually run the New South Wales school system. It is run by bureaucrats, the Teachers Federation and what I call the education establishment, the same group of academics who have given our State the fastest falling school results in the world. For such people, the 2017 decision to end Safe Schools was irrelevant. They run the education system, so they have simply found other ways of implementing the same policy.

That is why the bill is needed: to legislate the provisions that the Government has been unable to provide for itself and students and families in New South Wales. My bill outlaws gender fluidity teaching, course development and teacher training and ends the accreditation, and thus the employment, of any individual breaking that law. The time for audits is over; we need stronger action, legislated action, to protect our children and families. At its core, post-modernism drains the trust and confidence of students in what they are being taught. It tells them that everything they know about their family, their gender, their country and everything they might learn about history, science and other subjects is being constructed to mislead them.

“That is a disease in most Western education systems and the core reason Asian systems have moved so far and so quickly ahead of us. How can our students and schools possibly succeed if the evidential base of knowledge is consistently undermined by telling students that such things are not real and factual, and that it is not really knowledge?  To properly ban Safe Schools, the New South Wales Government needs to kill cold dead the core premise on which it was based, that teachers have a legitimate role to play in shaping the morality of children on personal identity questions such as gender and sexuality. These matters must be the sole preserve of families. Since I was elected to this Parliament 16 months ago, my office has had a constant stream of complaints about politics in schools. Parents are sick and tired. They want this Parliament to make its choice.

Source:  Australian Family Coalition

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Mark McGowan’s COVID-19 border ban and social restrictions have smashed the West Australian drug trade and driven down crime rates in the state, including in Aboriginal communities. Border restrictions imposed by the WA Premier have blocked the importation of drugs into the state from the east coast, doubling the price of methyl amphetamine and forcing drug users to source other illicit substances. In a submission to a federal parliamentary inquiry into COVID-19 criminal activity, the WA Police Force said closing the state’s borders had disrupted “the movement of illicit drugs across regional WA”.  “Illicit drugs became increasingly difficult to source, increasing prices within the metropolitan and southwest areas. It was reported in May 2020 that methyl amphetamine was extremely difficult to source,” the submission said.

“The price of methyl amphetamine effectively doubled at this time. Addicted users are suffering the effects of reduced supply, with reductions in purity also being reported to maintain drug sales. “The State of Emergency restrictions have undoubtedly impacted on the capacity of drug trafficking syndicates to import illicit drugs into WA.” The shortage of drugs has triggered “ongoing tensions” in the state’s prison system, triggering a spike in attempts to smuggle illicit substances through prisoner mail. WA police said the border ban had forced them to redirect “significant operational resources from core law enforcement activities. The inability to devolve these functions to persons other than police has adversely impacted on organisational capacity and delivery of policing services.”

Under COVID-19 biosecurity zones, where people returned to their primary Aboriginal communities between March and June, Kalgoorlie reported a 71.5 per cent decrease in burglary offences, 59.6 per cent reduction in stealing offences and a 33.5 per cent fall in property damage offences compared to the same period last year. WA police said the four-week COVID-19 temporary liquor restrictions on the sale of takeaway alcohol “had a positive impact on alcohol-related offending” with reported offences and anti-social behaviour decreasing across the Kimberley. With retail shops and licensed venues closing and more people staying at home, WA police said there had been a “steep decrease” in burglaries, stealing, assaults and drug-related offences in Perth.

“In contrast, Metropolitan Region crime statistics have shown a significant increase in family violence assaults and threatening behaviour offences since the beginning of March 2020. “The Women’s Council is expecting a large spike in refuge demand after the COVID-19 crisis is over and when women are feeling safer to leave.” The WA police submission said there had been an increase in reports about the “prevalence of COVID-19 related instances of racism and racist criminal activity”, particularly in Asian-Australian communities.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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The Australian Christian Lobby has written to the Premier highlighting a serious breach of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 by the LotteryWest board which unanimously rejected the grant application of Victory Life Community Services Inc. The grant to enable a freezer van to be purchased to help support needy families, was rejected on the grounds of Pastor Margaret Court’s (Pastor of Victory Life) ‘biblical views on same-sex marriage’.  The WA Director of Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Peter Abetz, said, “The LotteryWest board is not above the law. Section 62 of the Act makes it a specific offence to discriminate against another person in the provision of grants on the grounds of a person’s religious convictions.” “This rejection will affect all faith-based charities that hold traditional Christian, Muslim, Sikh or similar beliefs on human sexuality.

Any group which publicly upholds faith-based beliefs on human sexuality at odds with the board’s views will no longer be eligible for a grant. “At a meeting with LotteryWest,  two staff from Victory Life were told they need not apply in the future, that LotteryWest is a major sponsor of the Gay Lesbian Mardi Gras and that their applications would not be successful on account of Pastor Court’s views on marriage and gender issues. “It is an abuse of the Board’s decision-making power to punish people like Margaret Court for public commentary contrary to their own views,” Mr Abetz added. ACL calls on the Equal Opportunity Commission to instruct  LotteryWest, on their legal obligations under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984. The Premier needs to install a Board that genuinely values the multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature of WA society.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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Victoria’s stage-four lockdown prevented four sick newborn babies, who subsequently died, from being flown from Adelaide to Melbourne to receive lifesaving cardiac surgery. The babies, the fourth of whom died only last Friday, would normally have been taken by a team from Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital and flown to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital for specialist heart surgery. But with Melbourne under lockdown the distraught families of the infants were told that their children were not permitted to enter Victoria for the operations. And SA Health was also of the view that the babies should remain in Adelaide for fear of exposing them to the virus in Victorian hospitals as they were immunocompromised.

Aside from exposing the human impacts of the Victorian lockdown, the deaths of the children have been slammed as an indictment on the South Australian government, which rejected calls from medical specialists to establish a specialist paediatric cardiac service at the Womens Children Hospital (WCH). SA is the only mainland state without that service. The deaths of the babies emerged at a distressing hearing of the SA parliament’s public health committee, during which obstetrician John Svigos confirmed the lockdown meant the children could not receive the usual care. Professor Svigos said the starting point for the problem was the failure of the SA government to fund a specialist paediatric service, but that the Melbourne lockdown had also left the four babies with no hope.

“Particularly in our current COVID situation, where the usual process of referral to the Melbourne cardiac unit is no longer tenable, and referral to Sydney is on a case-by-case basis,” Professor Svigos told the committee. “I’ve been given to understand that the WCH has sadly seen the deaths of three babies in the past four weeks who were unable to be transferred, who almost certainly would have benefited from on-site cardiac services. I shall leave it to you to imagine the profound effect of these deaths on the parents, their families and the dedicated medical and nursing staff dealing with these tragedies.” Giving evidence after Professor Svigos, Salaried Medical Officers Association chief industrial office Bernadette Mulholland revealed that four babies had now died in the past month following the death of another last week.

She told the committee that the problem was South Australia’s failure to provide cardiac services that exist for babies in every other state except Tasmania. “If we had that service here in SA that would prevent the deaths of some of these children,” she said. She was backed by Professor Svigos, who said that while SA Health spent $5m a year transferring sick babies and children interstate, a specialist unit at the WCH would cost $6m to establish and $1m a year to operate. Ms Mulholland said doctors had advised her “that in these four cases, the issue was Victoria not being able to retrieve the babies’’. ALP health spokesman Chris Picton said the problem would not have occurred if the government had funded the service. But independent upper-house MP Connie Bonaros said Labor had cut the funding and the Liberals refused to reinstate it.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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295 church pastors and leaders have written an open letter to Premier Daniel Andrews urging him to allow churches to open for indoor worship, for the wellbeing of the church members and the wider community. “The Australian Christian Lobby congratulates the joint effort of these church leaders,” Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) spokesperson Jasmine Yuen said. “Their letter expresses concern about the mental health and wellbeing of the community in this prolonged lockdown. Suicidal thoughts and self-harm among young people have spiked. The church leaders’ concerns further highlight the negative impacts raised for months by many Victorian health professionals, warning the government against a prolonged and strict lockdown.

“The daily new COVID-19 cases in Victoria are at the lowest in months. The Andrews government cannot justify continuing a draconian lockdown that hurts the economy, livelihoods and the health and mental wellbeing of the community. “These church leaders now join business and hospitality sectors calling on the Andrews government to remove restrictions. Churches can apply a COVID-Safe Plan and social distancing measures. For instance, contact tracing is easier than in public places, making church services a safe place for people to gather.” The ACL calls upon the Andrews government to listen to these respected church leaders, allow churches to open and contribute to community wellbeing.

Editors note:  Despite recent announcements of the lifting of many restrictions in Victoria, Churches will only be allowed 20 worshippers inside and 50 outside. This means the vast majority of Churches will remain closed.

The Western Australian (WA) Government is the latest Government to discriminate against Churches. The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has labelled the WA Premier’s latest easing of COVID restrictions unfair. “Somehow, comedy lounges are okay but churches are not – it doesn’t make sense,” ACL State Director Peter Abetz said. “It is unfair, even discriminatory to scrap the ‘2-metre rule’ in theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, amphitheatres, cinemas, comedy lounges, and performing arts centres but not places of worship. The government statement said such venues are ‘low risk’ as they are seated and ticketed. Churches are also seated and the gatherings are similar from week to week, making them easily traceable.” “Until now, Western Australia had treated places of worship like other venues, but not any more.

“Faith groups provide an essential service for community health and mental well-being. They have gone out of their way to be COVID-safe. These latest, arbitrary rules are unfair and will undermine community support for the restrictions. The ACL calls upon the Premier to swiftly review and update the easing of restrictions.” Abetz said.

Source: Compiled by APN from information gained from various sources 

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An 11-year-old Aboriginal girl who disclosed repeated sexual abuse has died from injuries police suspect were self-inflicted. The girl died in Perth Children’s Hospital last week surrounded by distraught relatives, many of whom had supported her as she helped police investigate her alleged abuser. The girl had recently provided what prosecutors considered as crucial evidence in a video interview. The man charged with abusing her was on bail when the girl is believed to have inflicted injuries on herself that proved fatal. The fact her alleged abuser was not in jail awaiting trial has caused enormous distress inside the girl’s family. Dozens of relatives were at the hospital after it became clear she would not live. The girl was rushed from the southwest of Western Australia to hospital on the Monday and died the following afternoon.

There was shock and grief among police and child protection workers who had been working with the little girl’s family in the wake of her disclosures. Lindsay Hale, a director at the West Australian child protection department known as Communities said in an emailed statement that he extended his condolences to the family. In a statement, police confirmed a “tragic incident” involving an 11-year-old girl who attempted self-harm in a small town south of Perth. The family of the girl was being supported by Gerry ­Georgatos and Megan Krakouer from the National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project.  Ms Krakouer, a Noongar woman arranged for some relatives in jail to be allowed out to say goodbye to the little girl. “Everybody is devastated, police included, but none more than the mother, siblings and family” she said

Compiled by APN from media reports

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