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An Australian academic says she is being targeted for launching a website promoting sex-segregated spaces on campus amid ongoing protests to protect trans-identified students. University of Melbourne Associate Professor of Political Philosophy Holly Lawford-Smith, who is interested in preserving sex-segregated spaces, explained in an interview with Sky News Australia that the project she started caused controversy both on and off campus because it was said to be “transphobic.” “This has been going on since February now,” she said of the antagonism she has experienced. She added that some are trying to shut down her classes and are making accusations against her about her research ethics and behaviour between colleagues on campus.

Supporters of the professor have had water thrown at them, have been subject to profanity-laced threats and physical assaults. The backlash started after Lawford-Smith set up a website called “No Conflict, They Said,” highlighting the clash between women and trans-identifying males who claim to be women. The website is run by members of LGB Alliance Australia. The LGB Alliance, which has chapters in the United Kingdom and the USA, is a group of lesbians, gays and bisexual individuals who consider transgender ideology a threat to the rights of same-sex attracted people. They warn that the ideology is dangerous and confusing to children.

Featured stories on the website include incidents of harassment of women and girls by trans-identifying males in public spaces and how transgender ideology manifests across Australian society. When asked what the university is doing to protect free academic inquiry, the professor told Sky News Australia that a “chilling” effect was pervading free speech on campus. “I already know from a number of different students about their negative experiences in various classes that have been shut down from being able to ask questions about sex and sex-based rights, to be able to question things from a gender-critical perspective at all,” Lawford-Smith explained. Women are disproportionately impacted by this hostility to open inquiry, she added. Activist academics have reportedly tried to get Lawford-Smith fired and have filed petitions against her.

The “gender affirmation” policy proposed on campus appears to be a specific attempt at limiting her public-facing activities related to her academic research, she said. The professor said that work to draft the proposal began shortly after an event in 2019 she hosted with other academics to discuss the issues related to education. Although still a draft, the professor said that policy measures would effectively violate the campus free speech policy by compelling staff and students to use opposite-sex pronouns when referring to transgender-identifying students, inviting the violation of sex-specific spaces and giving trans-identifying students veto power over public events and public discourse.

“The university community is quite divided over this issue,” she replied when asked if she was receiving support from colleagues who secretly tell her that they agree with her viewpoint. “It’s absolutely not the case that it’s me versus the rest of the university. I think this has become a very polarizing issue. I have an awful lot of support, some more public than others.” She warned that because there are “such strong feelings on both sides, it’s going to be difficult for the university to work out a good resolution.” According to Melbourne newspaper The Age, the draft policy would prohibit public speeches or events that the school deems to be an attack on gender diversity. The policy would alter the university’s free speech policy to prevent academics from engaging in public discourse the university believes can “harm” the transgender community.

The professor argues that the word “harm” is not defined in the policy. The draft proposal comes after a queer student group called for the suspension of Lawford-Smith’s feminism class over concerns course materials contained “transphobic rhetoric.” Critics also called for Lawford-Smith to be suspended. A spokesperson for the university said that the proposed policy has been in the works since 2019 and all feedback will be considered before it is finalized. “One of our core values is that there must be a genuine and deep culture of respect for everyone at our university and of course this includes being completely respectful towards the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community,” the spokesperson told The Age.

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Urgent calls are being made to reform Victoria’s residential care system for children, amid news young people are fleeing temporary homes at alarming rates and are easy prey for predators seeking to sexually or criminally exploit them. The damning findings, which also revealed organised paedophile rings are actively targeting young people in out-of-home care, were reported by an inquiry tabled in parliament.  Principal Commissioner for children and young people Liana Buchanan found young people who go missing are considered “street smart” and therefore the risks connected to their disappearance are downplayed.  “There is no consistent approach to reporting or recording children who are absent or missing from care,” she said in a foreword.

“Many workers recognise that the current system drives a dispiriting and damaging cycle of absence, harm and brief return for many high-risk young people, yet there is a sense of resignation and powerlessness in the face of these systemic failures. Child protection opposition spokesman Matt Bach said the state is in the “grip of a child protection crisis”. “We already knew a record 65 children known to child protection died last year. Through this new report we’ve learnt more about the shameful failures of the Andrews Government, with vulnerable children being successfully targeted by organised paedophile rings, and raped,” he said. “The Andrews Labor Government must change its crisis-driven approach into supporting our children and young people to prevention and early intervention.”

The inquiry found care given to children in residential placements is in “many cases inadequate”. The agencies responsible for residential care include the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Victoria Police and residential service providers. In the 18 months to March 31 last year, 37 per cent of missing children incident briefs contained reports of sexual exploitation. In the same time period, girls and young women were reported as missing at 2.5 times the rate boys and young men were. But it is likely that boys and young men are under-represented in incident reporting. A group of 12 children also appeared to go missing more frequently than others, accounting for 33 per cent of all primary absent reports. Half of those reports concerned three young people in particular.

There was a spike in missing children reports when state of emergency restrictions were announced in Victoria last year amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with numbers of absent client incidents up by 36 per cent in the six months to August 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. The inquiry found the system used to monitor missing children is “inconsistent” and as a result authorities do not know how many children go missing, how long they disappear for and what happens to them during their absence. The report called for urgent and systemic change in the system, which should recognise how consequences of trauma can drive young people away from their placements. Child protection minister Luke Donnellan said there was a “long way to go” to improve the state’s child protection system.

“Children and young people in residential care have complex backgrounds, with a history of trauma and abuse – so they need extra support to feel safe, stable and settled in their placements,” he said. “We’re boosting the workforce and expanding new care models for children and young people – including wrap-around services, comprehensive mental health support, better connection to community and country, and smaller, more family-like care settings.”

Source: Compiled by APN from media reports

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Just when politicians tell us the “Safe Schools” radical LGBTIQA+ gender fluid and sexual indoctrination program is dead, buried and cremated, it pops back up again under different branding. It’s almost as if the politicians can’t control it or have lost the will to do so. The latest iteration is courtesy of the Morrison Government’s new “The Good Society” resource which has been produced for children in all Australian schools. I don’t believe for a moment that Christian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is aware of it but sadly this nonsense is being enabled by others in his government and certainly by his woke bureaucracy. And more is on the way courtesy of “The Good Society”.

Here’s a sample of what “The Good Society” is serving up to your children:  The terms sex and gender are sometimes used as if they’re interchangeable, but they are different things. A person’s sex – male or female or intersex – is determined at birth and describes their biological and physiological characteristics like chromosomes and genitals. A person’s gender is their sense of themselves in relation to their biological sex. A person’s gender identity can be the same as their sex assigned at birth, or it can differ. This is exactly what “Safe Schools” was teaching before it was supposedly axed by the Turnbull Government and the New South Wales Berejiklian Government. NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell keeps saying “Safe Schools” has been abolished but gender fluidity keeps turning up in schools and teachers’ staff rooms.

No sensible person believes gender is “assigned at birth”, as if midwives, doctors and parents conspire to inflict something upon a child. Biology, anatomy, DNA and bone structure tell us what gender a baby is, well before birth. But that doesn’t stop the “gender whisperers”. Teaching children some transcendental philosophy that says their mind can tell them they are something in contradiction to their biology is spooky, weird and dangerous. There is an epidemic of confused children presenting to gender clinics around our nation as a result of this new philosophy. None of this is to make light of the serious issue of gender dysphoria which affects a small minority of people and until the promotion of gender fluid ideology, an even smaller number of children. Struggles in this area are real and people need love and care.

But that is different to indoctrinating an entire generation at school. “The Good Society” encourages boys to experiment with gender fluidity as part of so-called “empathy training” by wearing women’s shoes. Its gender ambiguous sex education animated videos would raise the eyebrows of many parents. The Good Society sprung up as a result of the Respect @ Work: Sexual Harassment National Inquiry Report (2020), which was commissioned in the wake of the Brittany Higgins rape allegations. Under the heading School-based respectful relationships education, recommendation 10 says: All Australian governments should ensure children and young people receive school-based respectful relationships education that is age appropriate, evidence-based and addresses the drivers of gender-based violence, including sexual harassment.

In response, the Morrison Government’s Respect Matters initiative has spawned “The Good Society” for use in schools. It would seem the assumption is that violence against women is because of gender stereotyping which stipulates that males act in a certain way. The program seems designed to break down the idea of gender norms as a way to prevent violence against women. This is laudable but emasculating boys and men is not the way. Teaching good character and the art of being gentlemen and ladies would be more effective than seeking to deconstruct the differences between the genders. The Respect Matters program includes the Good Society online platform. The Good Society platform allows teachers to assign resources for use in their classroom. This allows flexibility for teachers to address the specific needs of their students and school community.

Source: Lyle Shelton, Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party

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It is worth pondering Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s wise words about the importance of the recent G7 + event which he attended. Before he flew out, Morrison gave a speech in Perth where he reflected on the meetings with the world’s most powerful leaders he was about to step in to. This G7 meeting was held in the shadow of Communist China and the pain the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has inflicted upon the world through its unleashing of Covid-19 and its economic and military bullying of other countries. Morrison used the more diplomatic word “coercion” but we know what he means. In this context, he made the following important point about our desire for a world that values freedom, a rules-based order and respect for human rights “over authoritarianism and autocracy”.

“We can’t be casual about these values and beliefs,” Morrison said. “They are inextricably linked to our way of life in this country. We can’t be passive about them. We can’t expect others to advocate for us for them. We live them, we must speak up for them.” Authoritarianism and autocracy flourish when there is no push back. Sadly, the world has been late in waking up to the true agenda of the Chinese Communist Party. The positive of the G7 + is this is no longer the case and the free West is pushing back. But the principles Morrison enunciated don’t just apply to external threats. Australia is equally being hollowed out from within by cultural Marxism and its identity politics. My concern with Morrison has been his reluctance to engage the “culture wars”.

He quite deliberately sat out of the same-sex marriage campaign. After stating his position, he left the campaigning to others which meant our side lacked political fire power as Malcolm Turnbull and Christopher Pyne and others campaigned for the other side. They sustained a debate while Morrison sat on the sidelines. If only he had not “been casual about these beliefs and values” and had spoken up. Because today our children are being overwhelmed by a flood of LGBTIQA+ gender-fluid and radical sexual indoctrination at school. And sadly, as Martyn Iles of the Australian Christian Lobby has revealed, the Morrison Government is funding the latest iteration of this to the tune of $7 million. A failure to speak up consistently has led to rainbow activists continuing to run amok in the bureaucracy.

Yes, we must stand up to external threats like the CCP. But equally, we must fight the enemy within. Sometimes that takes will and courage, especially when the rainbow activists have infiltrated political parties and the public service. Our children are being indoctrinated and free speech crushed by the weaponisation of anti-discrimination laws. We are losing our nation. Think about children receiving experimental gender-bending treatments such as puberty blockers and cross sex hormones. Think about freedom of speech and religion being supressed in once free Australia. Then think about Morrison’s words. “We can’t be casual about these values and beliefs. They are inextricably linked to our way of life in this country. We can’t be passive about them. We can’t expect others to advocate for us for them. We live them, we must speak up for them.”

Source: Lyle Shelton, Director of Campaigns and Communications for the Christian Democratic Party.

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Former deputy prime minister John Anderson has failed in his bid to return to federal parliament, losing out in a Senate pre-selection battle to former NSW Nationals director Ross Cadell. Mr Anderson failed to win the top spot on the NSW Nationals Senate ticket in a “tight” vote, and withdrew from the contest rather than taking the almost unwinnable second position on the ballot. Mr Anderson, 64, said he believed it was the “end of the political road for me”.  “I really can’t see circumstances where I would put myself forward again,” he said. “I felt the need to put myself forward because of the need of the nation and the experience and knowledge I had to offer.” He said his podcast, a popular series of interviews on current issues, kept him across “and perhaps ahead” on some issues.

Nationals sources said Mr Anderson had been considered the front-runner for pre-selection, although the result was not a complete shock. “It was a little surprise but everyone knew it was going to be close,” one source said. The second spot on the Senate ticket went to former Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council chief executive Alison Penfold. Mr Cadell said he would draw on his “immense experience in delivering for the regions”. “It is an honour to be pre­-selected to represent regional NSW, which has a really fantastic future ahead of it,” he said. “Regional Australia is the heartbeat of our great nation and we need more people in Canberra spruiking this fact. “We need to continue to secure the future of our regions, and I know the Nationals are dogged in this belief as they lay the economic foundations for rural areas to thrive well into the future.”

Source: National Alliance of Christian Leaders

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