Hillsong leader Brian Houston has attended a faith briefing at the White House alongside worship leaders.  In September, Houston denied reports that the White House rejected having him at a state dinner with Australian leaders.  The Wall Street Journal reported at the time that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is friends with Houston, wanted him there but that the White House turned down the PM’s request.  In a video put up by the White House, Houston said he had just been praying for Donald Trump in the Oval Office and that “I do, as an Australian, really believe that we need a strong America in the world, and when America is strong the world is a better place.”

He praised administration initiatives which he said were helping freedom of religion and to just see, generally, the great spirit in the White House where people are optimistic about the future.  “Praise God for the opportunity” Houston said.  Also in attendance were worship leaders Kari Jobe and husband Cody Carnes who prayed in the Cabinet room and Oval Office, listening to the faith briefing.  “The thing that moved me the most is just how everyone is so for making sure we’re changing people’s lives and not leaving aside those that are marginalised and those that have been trafficked.  I’m just so thankful to have been part of this to just see what God is doing.”

Source: Premier News Service

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