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A BBC resource is teaching children that more than 100 “gender identities” exist, the latest in a global trend toward what some say is intentional sowing of confusion into the minds of impressionable youth.  The series of short films titled “The Big Talk,” were produced by BBC Teach for use with children ages 9 to 12.  The films show “trusted adults” answering children’s questions about sex, relationships and gender.  “Understanding gender identities” is but one of the topics covered in the videos alongside seemingly innocuous subjects like body image, puberty, and online safety.

In one video the questions explored include “What are the different gender identities?,” and “What do you think transgender means?” among others.  When asked what the different gender identities are, a relationships and sex education teacher replies:  “There are so many gender identities.”  “We know we’ve got male and female, but there are over 100, gender identities now,” she explains, noting “some people might call themselves gender queer, who say, ‘I don’t really want to be anything, I’m just going to be me.’”  Another short film titled “Respecting Myself and Others,” discusses transgender ideology and notes that those critical of it “just don’t know any better yet.”

A teacher then tells the kids that “people can go to prison if it’s shown they’re disrespecting or being hateful to transgender people.”  Meanwhile, The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) recognizes six genders. In addition to male and female, which are actually sexes, the RCGP acknowledges as valid, “gender-neutral,” “nonbinary,” “gender-fluid,” and “gender-queer.”  Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of Transgender Trend who is opposed to the teaching of gender identity in schools, believes the plethora of genders amounts to “made-up nonsense.”  “People are free to identify as anything they like, but this does not change the reality that there are only two sexes,” she said.

“To suggest that being male or female is just a personal identity is false and will inevitably confuse children.”  Mocking the film series during a segment on British TV, host Piers Morgan referenced a recent stunt by a London aquarium, which announced that it was raising a “genderless” penguin chick.  “In this new world of self-identification, can I now identify as a two-spirit, neutrois penguin?”  The BBC is defending the materials, asserting that the series “was contributed to by more than 50 independent experts and professionals and is intended to be used by teachers, within the classroom, to prompt further conversation with their pupils on the topics raised.”

Source: Christian Post