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Awakening Australia is inviting all Australians to join them in prayer for the Awakening Australia event taking place at Marvel Stadium Melbourne from 16th/18th November.

The vision and mission of Awakening Australia is to grow & intensify prayer in Australia leading up to, during, and beyond the event, God is moving powerfully in our nation in response to peoples prayers. We believe that when Australians pray God moves in Australia so let’s grow and intensify our prayers, because surely the more we pray the more God will move. The two main forms of communication for prayer will be via the Facebook Group and by registering to receive a regular email Prayer Newsletter. The Face Group address is: www.facebook.com/groups/awakeningaustraliaprayer [1] and to register to receive the regular email prayer newsletter go to : Prayer Newsletter: www.awakeningaustralia.org/prayer-newsletter [2]


Prayer Strategy for Awakening Australia is the simple and effective 7pm “Australia for Jesus” prayer time. Thousands of people are praying every night and we are hearing amazing testimonies of how God is moving in response to our prayers. Set your alarm daily and join others praying and declaring “Australia for Jesus”! In addition to the 7pm Prayer we want to encourage Prayer Walking and Prayer at High Points in Melbourne and all around Australia. There will be some coordinated prayer walking during Flood Melbourne which will be announced soon, but until then if God puts a prayer walk route or strategic high point on your heart just go for it. We are also wanting to encourage local combined church Prayer & Worship Nights, there are already many great examples of these happening around Australia and we will be sharing more of these in the future.


Source: Awakening Australia