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Churches in the east of Ukraine are experiencing increasing intimidation.  Authorities have blocked many churches in the region from accessing electricity and water, and prohibited some Christian material, including the book of John.  A 2018 law requires all religious communities not affiliated with the formerly named Ukrainian Orthodox Church, now the Moscow Patriarchate, to re-register.  Few churches were able to reach the deadline, leaving many unauthorised Christian communities and congregations vulnerable to fines and arrests.  Earlier this year, authorities raided a Protestant church in Donetsk and arrested the pastor and several church members during their Sunday morning service.  They were released shortly after with no reports of further charges.

In a separate incident, a Baptist pastor was charged with “extremism” after he refused to stop his church’s activities.  As political unrest and restrictions continue, please pray for believers in Ukraine.  Please pray For Ukraine:

* Pray that Ukrainian believers will not be discouraged from fellowship and sharing the gospel.
* Pray for a peaceful resolution to political unrest.
* Pray that authorities and policymakers will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Source: Open Doors