The ACT Legislative Assembly recently passed legislation under the pretext of banning ‘gender conversion therapy’. What this law in fact does is restrict parents’ rights to raise their children in accordance with orthodox biblical teaching. Further, it prevents church leaders from requiring adherence to biblical standards in areas of sexual standards and ethics. Unfortunately, the ALP/Greens Government’s 14 MPs outvoted the Liberal Opposition’s 11 MPs and the Sexual & Gender Identity Conversion Practices Bill passed. Under pressure from constituents the government made a minor amendment which indicated that “mere expression of a religious tenet or belief” will not be a banned conversion therapy practice.

Alistair Coe, the leader of the Canberra Liberals, proposed 2 important amendments in an attempt to improve the Bill. One was an amendment to exclude parents, teachers and counsellors from the application of the criminal provisions of the Bill and the other an amendment to protect faith-based schools and churches.  When those amendments were defeated, The Canberra Liberals then took a principled stand and voted against the Bill. Thousands of ACL supporters in the ACT sent 10,000 emails and made 1,000 calls to local members, voicing opposition to this dangerous law. ACL will now be making this an important election issue in the upcoming ACT election. This would not have happened without the courage and commitment of so many ACL supporters in the ACT and beyond.

Source: Australian Christian Lobby

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