Editorial staff of the Australian Prayer Network have returned to Australia from overseas prayer assignments to the reality of an unexpected win for the Liberal National Coalition in the recent Federal election.  In what was a surprise for most Australians the former Government was returned with an increased majority thus maintaining a significant history of Christian Prime Ministers who have occupied the senior political position in our country.  Scott Morrison himself described the victory as a “miracle”.  A miracle of course is an act of God, so in saying that he was acknowledging the part that God played in the victory.

Thank you to all who engaged with us during the 35 days of prayer we called prior to the election, asking for God’s will to be done in and through the election process.  We can now see what that looks like in reality.  The cleaning out of much of the old guard on both sides of the Parliament gives opportunity for the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition to both bring renewal to their parties and the Government/Nation as a whole and to escape from the revolving door of leadership change that has dogged our Federal Parliament over recent years.

The return of the Coalition opens the door for considerable reform to be enacted to protect freedom of speech and religious freedom in our nation, which many feared would come under pressure had the Labor/Greens parties occupied the majority position in Parliament.  It will however require all of us to continue to pray for Prime Minister Morrison and his parliamentary colleagues as they grapple with the many issues that face our nation at present.  We must also pray for the opposition Labor Party which will hopefully learn from this that we are still at heart a conservative Christian nation not wanting to jettison the Christian values that have undergirded our laws since European settlement, and align their future policy decisions to that reality.

A nation is at its strongest when there is a strong God fearing Government in control, kept honest by a strong God fearing Opposition and supported and informed by a strong Christian conscience.  We as the Church in Australia need to rise into our position as the visible and audible prophetic witness of God to the whole nation.  When all 3 of those pillars are in place is when we will see our nation return to its former pathway of godly laws and values which will direct our path back to prosperity and a biblically informed national character.  Let us pray that God will guide our path towards that objective in the days to come.

Source:  Compiled by Australian Prayer Network

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