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The coronavirus pandemic has taken the lives of 38 evangelical pastors across Argentina, who have been honoured for theIr service. During a session of the Argentinian National Congress, Deputy Dina Rezinovsky paid tribute to the pastors naming them one by one. In her speech she said: “They are not as well-known as Maradona but represent hundreds of men and women of faith who died during this pandemic.” Deputy Rezinovsky broke into tears when naming the pastors of her own church who were also part of the list. The south American country currently ranks 9th among the countries with most coronavirus cases with almost 1.5 million cases.

Speaking about the work that churches have been carrying out during the pandemic, she said it was “noble, selfless” and had “an impact on the most vulnerable sectors of society”. She continued saying: “During these months of quarantine, the churches were closed but the service was more open than ever.” As part of a national effort to help those hit hardest by coronavirus, churches played a key role helping deliver more than a million boxes of food. “Churches reach where the state does not reach or arrives late” she said. “Churches have always done so from behind close doors and that is why I am honouring them today,” she concluded.

Source: Premier Christian News