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A psychotherapist has warned a Christian conference that if LGBT activists successfully ban secular counselling for people with unwanted same-sex attraction, they will next go after religious counsellors.  At a conference held at Fairview Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma, David Pickup, a licensed therapist who is a board member at the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and a practitioner of sexual orientation change efforts therapy, spoke.  During his remarks, Pickup warned his audience that for the state legislators trying to ban Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) therapy, “the next step is to come after you.”

“It’s going to happen in your universities and schools, if you don’t conform to the new ‘sex education’ curriculum,” said Pickup. “They try to get at psychotherapists first, and then they’re coming after church counsellors and the church.  They’re smart and they know what they’re doing.”  Pickup called on the conference attendees to be “as smart as foxes but gentle as doves” when it comes to state-level efforts to ban SOCE therapy.  Pickup then spoke about how SOCE therapy actually works contrary to popular perceptions, declaring that people do not know what goes on in my office.”

“What goes on in my office is love and compassion,” explained Pickup. “But there is no such thing as compassion without truth.” Pickup noted that the vast majority of his patients are male, though he had some females as well. He grouped his patients into two categories: either overtly abused or bullied in a dysfunctional family, or covertly neglected in a stable family.  Janet Mefferd, a widely-syndicated Christian radio host, introduced Pickup to the conference, referring to him as a “remarkable man” who “has done some phenomenal overturning of the tables when the situation has called for it.”

Mefferd stressed that “we need to be concerned about this issue if for no other reason that we have to stand together on the issue of freedom and self-autonomy, because that’s the right thing to do.” Southern Baptist evangelist the Rev Thomas Littleton echoed Pickup’s comments, warning those gathered that “very soon, your testimony of conversion could be literally ‘hate speech.’” If you’ve left this lifestyle, your testimony of conversion, to read Romans 1 or an assortment of scriptures that speak to the subject of homosexuality could be ‘hate speech’ in our churches and from our pulpits,” Littleton said. “We have friends in Europe where this is already the case.”

Littleton commended Fairview Baptist for hosting the conference and declared “thank God for pastors that have a backbone.” “If your pastor is not able to find his backbone on this, you need to get in there and help him.  You need to pray for him. You need to stand firm and help him understand what is at stake,” he added.   SOCE therapy seeks to help a person deal with, or even remove, unwanted same-sex attraction.  In recent years, several states and the District of Columbia have passed laws banning the therapy for minors.  Many other states have considered similar legislation only to ultimately vote it down.

Source: Christian Post