An 11-year-old Aboriginal girl who disclosed repeated sexual abuse has died from injuries police suspect were self-inflicted. The girl died in Perth Children’s Hospital last week surrounded by distraught relatives, many of whom had supported her as she helped police investigate her alleged abuser. The girl had recently provided what prosecutors considered as crucial evidence in a video interview. The man charged with abusing her was on bail when the girl is believed to have inflicted injuries on herself that proved fatal. The fact her alleged abuser was not in jail awaiting trial has caused enormous distress inside the girl’s family. Dozens of relatives were at the hospital after it became clear she would not live. The girl was rushed from the southwest of Western Australia to hospital on the Monday and died the following afternoon.

There was shock and grief among police and child protection workers who had been working with the little girl’s family in the wake of her disclosures. Lindsay Hale, a director at the West Australian child protection department known as Communities said in an emailed statement that he extended his condolences to the family. In a statement, police confirmed a “tragic incident” involving an 11-year-old girl who attempted self-harm in a small town south of Perth. The family of the girl was being supported by Gerry ­Georgatos and Megan Krakouer from the National Suicide Prevention and Trauma Recovery Project.  Ms Krakouer, a Noongar woman arranged for some relatives in jail to be allowed out to say goodbye to the little girl. “Everybody is devastated, police included, but none more than the mother, siblings and family” she said

Compiled by APN from media reports

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