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Day 1 – Monday 22 April
God’s Righteousness  Cry out to God for His righteousness, just nature, and rulership to be established in Australia through the Government we elect, as it is in heaven.
Scriptures:  Psalm 33:5  Psalm 36:6  Psalm 45:7  Psalm 71:19  Psalm 85:13  Psalm 89:14  Psalm 145:17  Jeremiah 9:24  Acts 17:31

Day 2 – Tuesday 23 April
Australia’s Unrighteousness  In the light of His perfect righteousness let us acknowledge our sin and failures as His people to pray for, and represent Him to, our nation.  In repentance and humility let us cry out for His mercy to be extended to ourselves and our nation through the outcome of this election.
Scriptures:  1 Peter 4:17  Daniel 9:4-19  1 John 1:9

Day 3 – Wednesday 24 April
Our Righteousness before God  Let us approach His throne of grace with confidence concerning these elections, to pray that our nation will receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.  Pray that the Church in Australia will be like Esther and find favour and approval with our King so that He will hear and answer our prayers.  Pray that God would give His Church the prayers of Jesus so that we pray in righteousness, unity, and maturity.
Scriptures:  Corinthians 1:30  Romans 10:10a  Esther 2:17  Esther 7:2  Hebrews 5:13-14

Day 4 – Thursday 25 April
God’s Promise of Righteousness for our Nation  Pray for righteousness to come forth from the Federal elections.  Pray that Australia would be known and respected in the forums of the world as a nation of righteousness and integrity, holding to and doing what is right regardless of internal or external pressures and short term expediency.  Pray for a government we can trust to conduct our affairs righteously in every area of power.
Scriptures:  Proverbs 14:34  Isaiah 26:2,9  Psalm 75:10  Isaiah 28:17  Isaiah 32:17  Malachi 4:2-3  Psalm 125:3

Day 5 – Friday 26 April
Righteousness in the Election Campaign  Let us pray that this election campaign, however strongly contested, will be conducted with righteousness, decency and respect.   Pray His Kingdom come and His will be done in this election.  Pray that He will expose to the eyes of the nation any hidden, ruthless, unscrupulous, unrighteous motives of parties and candidates.  Pray the electors see and take to heart what is right, honourable, just and true and let it prevail in the voting on election day:  Pray that righteousness and truth rather than sensationalism will prevail in all reporting in the media.
Scriptures:  Matthew 6:33  Romans 14:17-18  Amos 5:24  Psalm 85:13  Luke 12:2-3  Philippians 4:8  Psalm 85:13

Day 6 – Saturday 27 April
The Election of Righteous Candidates  In prayer, call forth from each electorate into the Federal Parliament, those who will represent us in righteousness and will be open to the influence of His Holy Spirit.
Scriputres:  Psalm 112:4-10  Isaiah 64:4-5a  1 John 3:7-10  Psalm 34:15  Psalm 37:29

Day 7 – Sunday 28 April
Pray for a Prime Minister and Government that would lead our Nation in Righteousness   Pray in faith for a Prime Minister who will be an instrument of true righteousness in His hands.  Pray for the election of a Government that will be under His authority so that Australia can fulfil in every way the calling He has for us.  Pray that whoever is elected Prime Minister will lead Australia under His Lordship and authority and with His wisdom into paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
Scriptures:  Psalm 18:20  Proverbs 14:34  Proverbs 16:7  Proverbs 21:1  Proverbs 25:5  Psalm 11:3  Hosea 10:12  Psalm 85:9-13  Jeremiah 29:11-14a