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A Nigerian organization claims that more than 350 Christians have been killed across the West African country since the start of 2020 and estimates that about 11,500 Christians have been killed since 2015.  “Nigeria has become a killing field of defenceless Christians,” the non-governmental organisation Intersociety said in a new special report.”  Additionally, bandit gangs have been responsible for carrying out kidnappings along some major highways.  The United Nations estimates that about 2 million people have been internally displaced across Nigeria and 11 million people are in need of assistance.  An additional 550,000 are said to be displaced in neighbouring countries of Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

In the past 57 months, no fewer than 20 clergymen (including eight Catholic priests and seminarians) have been hacked to death, while no less than 50 were abducted or kidnapped, Intersociety reported.  Intersociety also estimated that over 2,000 churches and Christian worship centres have been burned since June 2015.  “They have started targeting Christians and Christian villages again for a specific reason, which is to trigger a religious war and throw the nation into chaos,”  Nigerian Minister of Information Alhaji Mohammed said.  Death toll statistics in Nigeria can vary depending on which organization is providing them because of the lack of adequate government record-keeping.

Source: Christian Post