Suspicions of a stolen election linger over Brazil, the biggest country in Latin America, causing massive unrest among its citizens, who see the shadow of socialism looming overhead. Rumours of widespread election fraud are running rampant and quickly gaining traction. Tensions came to a head on October 31, 2022, when it was declared that conservative President Jair Bolsonaro lost the election to socialist candidate Luiz (Lula) da Silva. A fiercely contested runoff election ended with da Silva capturing more than 60 million votes, which CNN claimed was “the most in Brazilian history.” Da Silva’s re-election follows a 2018 conviction for corruption and money-laundering that entangled business executives and politicians alike. He spent 19 months in prison, which disqualified him from the 2018 presidential race. Though the conviction was later annulled, the people of Brazil have not forgotten this scandal, nor have they forgotten many others.

At the time of his arrest, Lula was seeking a third presidential term, vowing he would return and “transform this country.” In the past, Barack Obama has praised him as “the most popular politician on earth,” but da Silva’s close ties with China and with other socialist leaders have fomented distrust among the Brazilian people. Bolsonaro, elected in 2018, changed the country’s course by promoting conservative values. He pushed for tougher penalties for criminals, upheld gun rights, and fought against indoctrination in the public schools. When he ran for president over four years ago, he was seen as a clear threat to socialism, which had been a huge part of the country’s history. An outsider in politics, he gained the support of many evangelical leaders in Brazil. The global media and liberal elites however demonized him and his supporters, calling them fascists. Bolsonaro was almost stabbed to death at a rally and was also targeted for assassination by his enemies.

Nevertheless, he managed to capture over 57 million votes and went on to win. Unlike previous leaders, Bolsonaro cared nothing for political correctness or for pleasing the media. As a pro-family Christian who is against abortion and same-sex marriage, he has made enemies around the world. His resistance to lockdowns and restrictions during the COVID pandemic angered globalists who have agendas to fulfil. Declaring that “Brazil belongs to God” has placed a target on his back, but he forcefully defends his position. Before the election, Bolsonaro voiced criticism of the electronic voting machines, insisting that the results could be manipulated. He says he believes those suspicions were confirmed when da Silva took a sudden lead at the eleventh hour. Additionally, the election came down to only a couple percentage points difference, with 50.9% going to da Silva and Bolsonaro receiving 49.1% of the vote. With such a close margin.

Bernardo Kuster, one of Brazil’s most influential journalists, warns that the corruption goes all the way to the Supreme Electoral Court, which has squelched free speech. An article in Reuters explains the Brazilian election system: “Brazil, like many other Latin American countries, employs a two-round system for its presidential elections. In the first round, multiple candidates take part. If no single candidate achieves more than 50% of the vote, the top two candidates head to a run-off on a later scheduled date. Since none of the field bagged at least half the vote, the top two, leftist former leader Lula (da Silva) and incumbent far-right president Bolsonaro, advanced to the second-round election.” Bolsonaro claims he won 50% of the vote in the first round, held in early October. When the election advanced to the second round, more fraud occurred, he asserts, which caused him to lose the election.

The people of Brazil are standing with him by staging protests around the country. Protesters are blocking roads to the airports as well as other major routes. Truckers, construction workers and farmers are participating in these blockades, protesting what they consider to be a socialist takeover. Some protesters are stationing themselves near military headquarters, in hopes of garnering military support. This would, in turn, embolden Bolsonaro’s case and could possibly lead to a recount.  Alex Newman, editor of the Liberty Sentinel, interviewed Iago Barbosa, an adviser for the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans. Before coming to America, Barbosa lived in Brazil when it was under socialist rule. He says that Article 42 of the Brazilian Constitution protects the rights of citizens if they are dissatisfied with the results of any election. The military, in turn, could run a new and fair one that would satisfy the people.

Barbosa says the current election was rigged and that da Silva’s true goal is to take away Brazil’s sovereignty. Fox News recently explained that “some political observers fear that Brazil’s Federal Court, and the Supreme Electoral Court, have both taken broad powers to intimidate, censor, and even jail critics, in a move seen as an attempted check on the powers of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, his supporters and the media.” As evidence continues to come out, it becomes clearer that China plays a huge role in elections around the world. Socialism is China’s friend, because the principles prop up its policies. Their aim is to aggressively assert their influence throughout Latin America. Bolsonaro has criticized China and its growing presence in his country, even blasting China for its role in the pandemic. This has earned him more enemies than friends in a world saturated with globalism.

Fox Nation recently aired a special which documents China’s efforts to pillage Brazil’s land and natural resources. Brazil is the crown jewel of Latin America, but China needs it to build its massive empire. With millions of acres of fertile farmland, rich deposits of minerals, and forests of raw timber, Brazil can provide everything China needs to support its growth. Before Bolsonaro became president, most of Brazil’s leaders were pro-China. This allowed the communist nation to invest more than $70 billion in Brazil. Already, China has secured mining and oil rights there and has also built many of its own shipping ports. It has also installed its own power company, which continues laying thousands of miles of power lines throughout Brazil, even building the fourth-largest hydroelectric dam in the world. Brazil is facing the rise of socialism and its grip on the election systems. Those who hold conservative values are the enemy of globalists who want complete control.

Source: Intercessors for America

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