Following on from the British Reconciliation Tour in 1998, there was a prompting from the Lord for a reconciliation process to occur between the mainland states and territories and Tasmania.

Following many years of prayer and watchful anticipation, late last year is was agreed between the Australian Prayer Network and a significant number of Pastors in Tasmania that the timing was right in God to bring a team from the mainland to the island state in 2005 to deal with spiritual issues that were believed to be affecting the overall development of Tasmania. The scripture received by those seeking the Lord on the matter was 2 Samuel 9:7 which features the reinstatement of Mephibosheth to his rightful inheritance.

After many months of research on the issues needing to be addressed, the initial phase of the tour commenced in Hobart on Thursday 29th September, as it was felt important to enter through the governmental gate of the state. The Deputy Lord Mayor officially welcoming participants to the city following which connections were made during the afternoon with Intercessors and leaders from the city. Calvary Christian Lighthouse kindly hosted the evening session where we worshipped before dealing with the spirit of abandonment over the city and state dating back to Governor Macquarie's time. Respect for Tasmania as the second oldest state was restored.

Friday saw a combination of local and mainland leaders and intercessors head off by bus to Ross, in the centre of the state, approximately half way between Hobart and Launceston. Here the longstanding issue of two-headedness was addressed, stemming back to 1804 when Gov. King instituted a political dividing line between the north and south of Tasmania along the 42nd parallel. There were hence two governing bodies in the state, leading to the term two-headed. This division was removed and healing of the land prayed for.

The heavens opened as we left Ross and journeyed to George Town, the historic gateway between the state's north and the mainland. Participants cheered as they arrived at Patterson's monument, site of the first landing, and were greeted with smiles and banners by a handful of locals braving the downpour. Several historic issues were repented of and forgiveness flowed, including the imposition of mainland government decisions on local issues. One highlight was the presence of a descendent of the boat builder of the 'Rebecca,' which carried Batman on his voyage to establish Melbourne. This typifies God's attention to detail as time and again He produced the right people in the right place at the right time.

Friday night's service at Launceston's Christian Convention Centre commenced with the tangible presence of God during corporate worship, led in unity by a Tasmanian and a Victorian. It was here that the full number of 31 mainland participants joined with approximately 60 locals as everyone was brought up to date on the journey so far. Amazingly it was realised that the date of this event was nearly 7 years to the day since the British Reconciliation tour, and we marvelled at God's planning.

Saturday 1st October saw a day of repentance, tears (both of sorrow and joy), and forgiveness, all moving together with one heart and voice as the Holy Spirit led. It was a day of new beginnings. Many issues were dealt with including the superiority mindset of Sydney, the mistreatment and decimation of the Aboriginal population in Tasmania, the misuse of the term 'mainland,' the issue of Tasmania often being left off the map of Australia, the relocation of Norfolk Islanders to the state, spirit of poverty, stolen resources, and religious freedom.

Saturday night was a celebration of all God had done. We sang arm in arm 'I am, you are, we are Australian.' Brian Pickering, head of the Australian Prayer Network prophetically spoke out the redemptive gifts that belong to Tasmania. He said it is a place of refuge, safety and healing, and abundant in leadership. He read Isaiah 62 and declared it as a word for Tasmania. The Tasmanians thanked and prayed a blessing over their mainland brothers and sisters, releasing healing to travel home with them. God had clearly been in our midst.

The following day the Tasmanian Government made an historic announcement that took everyone by surprise given that up to that point they had been endeavouring to legalise prostitution. Indeed newspapers were carrying stories of programmes being formulated to encourage disabled men from across Tasmania to be regularly taken by bus to brothels to use the services of prostitutes as a means of finding their sexual identity. On the Monday morning after the reconciliation weekend the Government instead announced a decision to ban prostitution in the State thus confirming the bondage of abuse, sexual slavery and mistreatment of women had been broken not only in the spiritual realm but also the natural.

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