Spiritual Mapping for Effective Spiritual Warfare

5. With The Foundation In Place - Let’s Begin To Work

I want to start by reiterating that the following is how the Lord led me in the Battle Axe Brigade. There are perhaps aspects in this work that the Lord will want you to duplicate. There may be other aspects that He will have you to do differently. The best counsel I can give you is to "wait upon the Lord," and then be obedient to how and what directives He gives you.

I always stress to mapping teams, that their work is not a secret work, but that they do need to be discreet about it. Remember, it is the Holy Spirit who is giving you everything you need, therefore, you want to be a wise steward of what He gives you. Also, you are actually plotting all the locations where Satan has his troops assigned. Reconnaissance work in any war is best kept private.

Equally important is the reason we are preparing for and ultimately going to war, the salvation of souls. Certainly we have to stay focused on the war, but at the same time we must never forget WHY we are at war, and what our goal for that war is.

The Lord instructed me to get a map. On this map we placed colored pins with each color representing certain categories of unrighteous works. Each colored pin is numbered with a corresponding file. In the file we simply list the name of the place and its address. We have no individual names on the list. Remember, we’re not against people.

Example: RED FILE (Cult and Occult Churches)

First Church of Strangeness
    5732 Pine Street

Church of the Divine Master
    13426 SW 90 Av.

Unification Church of the South
    2160 NW 100 Ln.

GREEN FILE ((Pornography)

Downtown Video City
    111 Stick Rd.

XXX Adult Bookstore
    27 Pine Mesa Dr.

Harbor Gas & Food Spot
    9076 Harbor Place

On our first map we call our "camp" map. It shows what spiritual camps are present, what their size is, and who they’re working with. It is inclusive of seven categories.

Cult and Occult Churches (Red Pin)

These would include Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Halls, Morman Temples, Bahia, Unity, Unitarian, Christian Science, etc. NOTE: We are not out praying against flesh and blood but locating the stronghold place that holds men’s heart and mind in deception.

Cult and Occult Establishments (Blue Pin)

These would be businesses involved in the cult or occult. Places that do metaphysical healings, Reiki teaching, reincarnation and past life therapy, astrologers, chakra and energy works, I Chang. Places that don’t seem obvious, comic book and baseball card shops. Many of them sell magic cards, Dungeons ∓mp; Dragons as well. Large chain toy stores in malls sell all sorts of spiritual garbage. This list seems endless. The mapping exposed that in our county there was a greater com- mitment to money than devotion to a god or belief. We have about 120 cult and occult churches but about 350 cult and occult businesses.

Pornography (Green Pin)

This could include any place from the very obvious XXX bookstore or lounge that has nude dancers, to a gas station or a small food stop store that sells pornographic magazines. Large chain bookstores carry alot of pornography, as do airports, some lingerie shops, neighborhood video stores.

The only way to verify the less-than-obvious is to visit or call. If you call with disdain or judgment in your voice or attitude, chances are they’ll simply lie to you if they do carry it. Remember, your goal is reconnaissance, to find out the fullness of this "camp’s" work. When you call you might simply ask what their store hours are and do they sell adult magazines, have an adult room, or rent adult videos. If they say yes, you could then share your disappointment with them and assure them you’ll not be patronizing their store. If they say no, you could commend them for not supporting such unrighteousness. The point is - get your information first.

Freemasonry (Orange Pin)
    Their temples/shrines or any Blue Lodges.

Abortuaries (Purple Pin)

Here again, perhaps some covert reconnaissance will be required.

There’s always the obvious "Clinic-Pregnancy Termination’s" but what about clinics that aren’t quite so obvious. It has been our experience that the large HMO clinics do not do abortions. There are however, many smaller clinics that do. In ascertaining the reality of the less obvious, you must once again be wise. Two of us would go in and I would go up to the receptionist’s window, maybe lower my voice or wring my hands as if I were nervous or embarrassed. I would ask the receptionist if they terminate pregnancies. If she says yes, it’s usually quickly followed with "would you like to come in?" I would ask if I could bring my friend. They’ve always said "yes", understanding that a woman of my obvious age must be very distressed. I’ve never said I was pregnant. Here again most people are quick to make assumptions.

NOTE: We never lie, NEVER! If they should directly ask me if I am pregnant or how many weeks I am along, I would tell them I’m not pregnant but am looking into this clinic for a friend. That’s true - I am looking into the clinic for any number of friends with whom I am working.  

It has always been my experience that whatever information the Father wants you to have He’s well able to help you get. There’s no need for striving, maybe some spying but no striving. Here again, if God is not requiring this of you, don’t let man require it of you. The Lord will always give you an anointing (which brings peace and confidence) to do what He wants you to do.

Homosexual Works (Yellow Pins)

In this category, we pinned only places that were owned and/or operated by homosexuals or were aggressively promoting the lifestyle.

It is so important to know that we are not against people. We believe God loves the sinner but hates the sin. We are determining the structure and strength of this principality however. We included homosexual churches on this list and not under cult and occult churches.

Prostitution Works (White Pins)

The obvious, street locations where prostitution is heavy were pinned. Some lingerie shops are fronts for prostitution rings, or some "escort" services are prostitution rings. Once again, you have to depend on the Lord getting you the information He wants you to have. With this particular work there’s usually only a phone number and they come to you. Usually there are specific hotels or motels they favor.

I will share with you one account of our adventures in tracking prostitution. Every week for several weeks in a row I came across an ad (in one of our really low-class newspapers) wanting models for an escort service. The Holy Spirit just kept quickening me about this one. So, in my most seductive voice, I called and said I saw their ad. That got me initially in the door so-to-speak because they figured if I were reading that newspaper I must be of their mindset.

The young woman on the other end of the line, after confirming they were still looking for ?girls?, told me that they were unique in that they specialize in "slapping", "bondage", and "domination". She wanted to know if I had any experience in these areas. Well, in that split second of time my mind went blank. The Holy Spirit quickly explained to me what she meant. (I’ll let Him explain it to you.) In that split second of time He gave me a response - a truthful response. I said to her that although I had never had any experience with slapping, I had, however, in the past had plenty of experience with bondage and domination. She took that one way. The truth is, prior to Christ in me, I was in bondage and under domination. She mailed me an application to be filled out and returned as a result of my answer.

The final result was that I had the return address. The white pin went in place on the map, and one more part of the picture of the structure and strength of that "camp" was done. These seven categories (with their designated color pins) are what the Lord has had us do. He may have you deal with different categories or designate them with different colors. Do what He wants you to do.

Some of our biggest challenges were from the "Body of Christ" telling us "this needs to be done" or "this should be covered". This may be true, but the Father didn’t give us that as our portion. Stay within your portion. That’s where your safety will be, in your grace and your anointing.

The Lord stressed to us that every pin on our maps represents two things. He keeps us aware of this fact. First, that pin represents souls. People who are created in His image and likeness; people for whom He sent His Son to die on the cross for. People He wants to come to repentance and into salvation. We stand in the gap for people we do not know anything about. We war on their behalf, petitioning the Lord to bring them out of the darkness, and into His marvelous Light. We ask for their salvation as part of our heritage, as opposed to seeing them as our enemies.

Ask of Me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, ... Psalms 2:8

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood.. Ephesians 6:12

Secondly, we know that at that location, a spiritual strongman is operating. We will go to the location and pray in whatever way the Lord directs us. Sometimes we are impressed to anoint the ground or building with oil. Maybe we’ll plant a Bible there. We bind and loose as led by the Spirit of the Lord, always releasing grace into the area, because grace teaches godliness. We apply the Blood of Jesus because the blood redeems individuals, draws them close to God, and cleanses their consciences.

"For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world." Titus 2:11-12

"In Whom we have redemption through His blood, the for- giveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;" Ephesians 1:7

"But now in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of Christ." Ephesians 2:13

"How much more shall the blood of Christ, who though the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?" Ephesians 9:14

I am not inferring that effective warfare can’t be done from the prayer closet. There are times, however, when "being on location" affords better discernment; therefore, bringing about greater results. I believe God wants us to be open to do both.

We now have a total of four maps pinned with corresponding files. The second map has the city parks, public attractions, public schools, and areas of transportation (bus stations, boat marinas, airports, etc.) leading into or out of the county. The Lord specifically gave us these categories with directives on how to pray concerning each one. These were not areas where there necessarily was darkness, just areas for which He was asking us to take spiritual accountability. The third map is our historic map. It is pinned with corresponding files noting locations where there was an original act of unrighteousness, or trauma to the area. Here’s where many hours are logged at the library, historical society, or film strip rooms at the newspaper office. Regarding the unrighteous acts of our area, we started the study of our county’s history from the middle 1500’s. Some of what is included on this map are war sites, massacre locations, Indian burial mounds, race riots, and original houses of prostitution. We also tracked the major traumas to the people and the land. For example, things like hurricanes, the fall of Eastern Airlines, or maybe a particularly bizarre murder.

Our fourth map is our Church map. As we would visit (not necessarily for a Sunday service) and pray for a church, we would pin them according to denomination and their major ethnos group. It proved interesting to compare this map with our ‘camp’ map to see where churches weren’t prospering or where neighborhoods, because of life-giving congregations, were prospering.

• Just a quick tip - Don’t put too many categories on one map! If the map gets too crowded, you will lose focus and miss any strategies the mapping is revealing. Never pin any place on your maps that your team has not verified personally. You should know for certain that what you are pinning, is what you think it is, and that it is operating where you think it is. This will afford you a clear conscience when sharing your work with leaders in your area and at the same time produce a work of excellence.

To assist you in beginning your project, I have listed some of the resources we used in finding the locations of our categories.

• Yellow Pages - Look under Churches, Religious Organizations, Religious Goods, Metaphysicians, Clubs, Nightclubs, Bookstores, Video Stores, News Dealers, Clinics (Abortion), Psychics, Palmists. Remember to verify by making a phone call or visit. Maybe some have closed up shop or moved.

• City Newspaper - Also smaller neighborhood papers, newspapers put out by the New Age Movement or the gay and lesbian community. Some of these will not be casual reading material, but none the less will provide you with valuable information.

• Bulletin Boards - Check health food stores, New Age bookstores, college campuses.

• Libraries and historical societies.

• City Halls or Chambers of Commerce - Many of them have compiled ?New Resident? packets, which have a wealth of information.

• Reconnaissance - Drive around various sections (not to be done by one person - remember the enemy knows you are invading his territory).

We secured a post office box with the name D. Buker (not known to be a male or female). This was the address that we gave for any literature or subscriptions mailed to us. Remember! Your focus at this point is not evangelism. You are locating and infiltrating the enemy’s camp for the purpose of ultimately breaking up his works.

Any army would be foolish to go to war without first knowing where the enemy’s communications sites, their ammo depots, etc. are located. The Bible never suggests that we be ?a fool for Jesus?. The Lord raises us up to be alert, wise, and skillful.

There were many times we would go right into the enemy’s camp. For instance, the homosexual agenda in our county has its own Chamber of Commerce meetings at a certain time each month. Two of us would always attend. We were just two women sitting and listening (infiltrating). No one ever asked us our sexual preference. They simply made an assumption. Announcements regarding the opening of new ‘bed and breakfast’ locations, what clubs were active, etc., are made at these meetings.

We go into the Satanic and New Age bookstores in our county. Our Christian bookstores put up flyers and notices about what Christian speakers, musicians, or conferences are going to be in town and where. The bookstores of darkness do the same thing. Chances are your local church bulletin will not announce when coven meetings are being held, what psychic fairs or events are coming to town, etc.

The Father asked me once, if I knew for certain that a thief was coming to my home on a particular day and time, would I leave it unattended? I, of course responded, "No Sir, I would not." He then said to me that whenever I know a thief (an assignment from the kingdom of darkness) is coming into my county that I (someone in the army of the Lord) should be there. For instance, when the Nation of Islam, or the singing group, the Grateful Dead, or a New Age or Psychic Fair comes to our county, we are there. (Note: We do not necessarily attend the event, but are for the most part on the grounds implementing whatever word the Father has given us for that specific event) Does this take of your time and energy? Yes! The Lord however has asked us to be committed to our cities and her peoples.

We need to stop being intimidated by darkness. The Word tells us:

"As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come." Proverbs 26:2

"Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." Romans 8:37

Read afresh what "all these things" are that we are more than conquerors over.

"...greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world." I John 4:4

In other words, if we’re in right standing before the Lord, no demons are going to jump on us because we’ve gone into some store.

• A point of liberty: there are a variety of gifts and callings in Christ. There will be some on your team who will be confident (in Christ) and skilled at going into abortion clinics or satanic stores, etc. There are others who are not comfortable in doing that. If God doesn’t require if of you, don’t let man. Let each one’s gift be properly placed in the work by the Holy Spirit.

There is no room in any part of the Father’s work for spiritual temperature taking. Whether one excels at archival studies or is good at reconnaissance or has skills for infiltration, all are needed to make up the army of the Lord.

You need to know what area you are to map. It could be a neighborhood (a fairly large region, but not an incorporated area), a city, or a county. At this point, your team members and spiritual covering should already be estab- lished. Corporate prayer times should be agreed upon then kept. Never forsake personal time in your prayer closet.

This project will demand a fair amount of finances. The preliminary expenses will include the purchase of maps, clear contact paper to cover them, foam boards to mount them, straight pins with colored paper flags, and file folders. We found it important to laminate the maps as they must endure a substantial amount of "wear and tear". The foam boards are the most secure means of supporting the maps. We used double sided tape to adhere the maps to the boards. The straight pins hold small labels, enabling us to distinguish various items or categories. (The smaller push pins are recommended.) It is amazing how it all adds up so quickly. After evaluating what each member of the team can contribute, consider asking those in agreement with the work if they would contribute monthly for a season.

Please do not be overwhelmed with what you perceive the work to be in a spiritual mapping project. God is well able to uphold you and anoint you to do the work. God will give you everything you need step by step; then one day, you will "look up" and be amazed at what great and mighty things He has done.

US Spiritual Warfare Network Regional Coordinator

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