The Hinge of Transition

Over the past year or so I have had the pleasure of dialoguing with a number of people regarding the evolution of spiritual mapping. Across the board there is a sense that the Holy Spirit is preparing to shift our approach and understanding. In one respect, it is exciting and mysterious to sense the brooding of the Holy Spirit over the birth of revelation. On the other hand, uncertainty can create an atmosphere of uneasiness. We all experience seasons like this. Waiting expectantly through transition on a personal, ministry, work, or relationship level is a common experience for all people.

Last year, I was captivated by the Transformations II video produced by the Sentinel Group, especially the section on Uganda. The question of whether a nation can be changed by a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit is being answered. A resounding "YES" is the word from the Holy Spirit. Today, I was blessed to watch a promotional video from the Sentinel Group called "Revival in Fiji." The incredible story of Fiji is one that models how a nation can turn from civil war and chaos to a nation where there is visible social change. Truly, the prayers and actions of a unified body of Christ can play a significant role in national transformation.

Two years ago, there was a call for prayer over Fiji. Even though the media showed a Pacific island paradise on the verge of chaos, intercessors saw a nation hinged at a time of transition. The months of war were tragic, but it led a nation to their knees-and God intervened. Fijians now have a heavenly gifted moment in time to steward the land and bless the people. Does a nation have to face war, disease, poverty, economic collapse, and other social maladies to come to a place of repentance and faith? Let us pray that this is not the case with your own nation!

The current transitional state of spiritual mapping is evidence that the Lord is looking for a people in whom He can deposit revelation. In this season we are learning that transformation does not come by a singular event or ministry methodology. Spiritual mapping or Spirit-led research is valuable in one case, but sometimes a prophetic declaration may be what is needed to "open things up." To be hobbled to a narrow view of what it takes to see a society impacted, may in fact be an act of quenching the Spirit.

The characteristic that ties one stream to another is this: love. The apostle John writes in his first epistle that we are to love people, "not only with words and talk, but by our actions and true caring" (New Century Version 1991).

Where we are going with Spirit-led research and spiritual warfare may still be unclear. Regardless, I know that the Holy Spirit is preparing the church to express a quality that "the world will know us by our love for another" (John 13:35). Love in action is perhaps one of the most powerful attributes of the church. As we look for ways to pray strategically and collect spiritual mapping information, we need to factor in a whole new appreciation for loving people. For in that attitude of heart, we will discover a new found level of faith that has the power to cast mountains into the sea!

Source: Derrick Trimble - Director of Mapping World Prayer Centre

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