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National 24 Hour Prayer Watch

The Australian Prayer Network coordinates a 24 hour continuous prayer watch over our nation.

Folk may join by committing to pray for our Nation for one hour at a nominated time each week. Those wishing to be part of this National Watch should register their desire by completing the registration form on this website ensuring that the 24 Hour Prayer Watch question is answered "Yes". (Click on the link in the column to the left or return to our Home Page.) When received in our office you will be sent further details as to how to register your preferred hour each week.

Should you already be a member of the Australian Prayer Network and be interested in knowing more about the Prayer Watch, please email us using the "existing members" link in the left hand column of this page. Please be sure to include details of your email address so that we can identify your membership record and send you information on the Prayer Watch. This information will include details of how to register your chosen time slot with us should you decide to join the Watch.

Brian Pickering
National Coordinator
Australian Prayer Network

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