AUSTRALIAN NEWS - 20th April, 2005

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Source: Report from Hobson's Bay Intercessors

Some members of the combined churches in Hobson's Bay region in Victoria gathered in the Haven of Hope prayer tent at the Williamstown Festival recently. Among those who came for prayer was a woman with Dupuytren's disease, which manifests in an inability for the person to open their hand out flat.

This lady laid her hand on one of the prayer intercessors hands, with others placing their hands on top, then asking the Lord for healing. After a short period of praise and prayer, visible power could be seen and felt being released into the hand. A miracle had taken place. When all hands were removed the believer's hand was flat and supple, all fingers moving normally. Praise the Lord for His awesome healing power that happened before our eyes!!"



An Australian church has taken a bold step in reaching unbelievers through healing. Senior pastors Franklyn and Deanne Elliott, of Metro North Christian Centre in Dural, Sydney, recently completed an outreach and impartation conference involving Healing Rooms in six cities.

A Healing Room is a place where a person may come for healing prayer, often finding Jesus as saviour in the process. The Elliott's invited Canadian evangelist Bob Brasset, on a tour of Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra. Their first official stop was at the medical clinic of Dr.Louise, a general practitioner who is part of the Metro North Church family.

"When I was a little girl I used to think, 'Wouldn't it be nice to see Jesus do miracles?" Dr. Louise, who had seen those miracles three years earlier at another outreach at her clinic, was eager to reach out again. She started out by asking patients if they had any spiritual beliefs. Dr. Louise says the patients who turned out after her latest invitation were, "mostly non-church goers, new age people, people who had been really wounded by the church and would never come back."

Ross Wakeley, one of the pastors at Metro North, describes the scene, "We arrived around 12 noon . The Medical Clinic was decked out in balloons, and Louise and her support team had a diverse range of food and drink provided on tables out on the front and side porch areas. The food and drink acted as a natural 'icebreaker' and enabled the team to easily chat with Louise's patients. Around 12.30 pm, Louise called everyone into the waiting room, which was quickly crowded, so people sat in the hallway and outside on the front porch. Louise courageously shared with her patients that at times, medicine does not have all the answers, but Jesus does." Then the doctor introduced Bob Brasset.

Bob is known for taking a very real, relaxed approach with unbelievers. "I do try to make this as natural as possible without any kinds of posturing, pretence or hype. I want there to be no blocks that people would be turned off before they have a chance to see how wonderful Jesus is." Bob, unlike many evangelists, doesn't recommend prayer for healing. He says Christians can actually pray themselves out of the anointing. "Oftentimes we close our eyes, and we begin to pray and to petition God and beg God. Jesus just said, 'Heal them.' So that is the ultimate reality check. They either get healed or they don't. What I try to do is interview them, find out what they need and speak to that condition. Let's say it's emphysema. I say, 'Emphysema, you go from this person in the authority of Jesus Christ.' I command elasticity to come back into the lung tissue and then just watch what happens. And then I have them test it out." On the other hand Bob recommends intercession. "Our whole team spent 21 days in fasting, but that wasn't a total fast for everybody. It was whatever level they felt they could achieve."

Bob describes his approach to ministry at the clinic as putting God on the spot in a reverential way. He reports Dr. Louise brought her incurable patients with wheelchairs and tumours and said, "Bob. These people, some of them are atheists. Some are Hindu. Some are Muslim. Some are agnostics. Others are lesbians and homosexuals." According to Bob, the atmosphere changed when he told how wonderful he felt Jesus was. "God is for people. God loves people. God is not angry with anyone in this room." He went on to say, "He dealt with that at the cross. Jesus did not come into the world to condemn the world, but rather that through Him the world might be saved. Today Jesus will forgive all your sins if you ask Him and He will also heal all your diseases." Bob reports, "Almost every single person I ministered to accepted Christ in that building. Almost every person I ministered to got healed. The beauty of it was, it wasn't just me doing it. We had a team.

"Two of the team members, Kathy and Allen, ministered to a young woman namedJustine, who was on crutches. Allen says, "She then explained that she had broken her foot about three weeks before and that it had not healed right. She still had pain and no movement in the ankle. Kath laid hands on her foot and I on her head. As we prayed I sensed something happened and asked her to test it out. Her look of surprise was priceless. She jumped up and kept pointing at her foot and then looking back at her friend exclaiming that she was healed." Justine's friend said, "Who is this Jesus who's healed my friend." They both gave their lives to Him and to use their words, were"blown away."

Another team member, Betsy, reports, "I sensed hesitancy with some, a 'what is this all about?' attitude, but as we mingled, it seemed that the expectation began to grow and we saw the touch of Jesus manifest. For me, I had an opportunity to minister to one girl out on the porch, for deliverance from smoking. The girl also received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit." Perhaps one of the most powerful signs of a healing ministry is that of an impartation anointing. That seems to be so in this case as Dr. Louise says the healings continue at her clinic.


Source: Autism Breakthrough Network

Autism Breakthrough Network, a group of Christian parents and family representing children and adults with Autism and Aspergers, is calling for a week of prayer and fasting for a breakthrough in the healing of these affected individuals.

Prayerfast week commences 1 JUNE for 7 DAYS.


Interested family/carers/friends are invited to join this Network and stand in the gap for their affected person/s.

We also warmly welcome people to partner with us in this special week of prayer, irrespective of whether or not they have any connections to people with autism spectrum disorder.

For general information, visit the website at : and to register with the Network, please contact Leona Smithurst, Member Co-Ordinator for Autism Breakthrough Network on: