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INTERNATIONAL NEWS 11th September 2017

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Source: LifeSiteNews

Canada's Liberal government has cleared the way for Canadians who don't want to identify as either male or female to opt for an X on their passport. Pro-family advocates decry the move as further entrenching the false ideology of "gender fluidity." "This is so harmful," says Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist with Campaign Life Coalition. "The government trying to force its citizenry, en masse, to deny scientific fact and biological reality." Fonseca says the move is dangerous for children who are "at risk of sexual confusion by the further societal normalization" of transgenderism. Canadians are harmed by "unwittingly but systematically being trained to deny the evidence of their own eyes," he told LifeSiteNews in an email. And it will hurt people "suffering with the mental illness of gender dysphoria" by corroborating the illusion they can alter their sex.


Meanwhile, transgender activists complain this doesn't go far enough, and that the provinces are dragging behind their federal counterpart. Minister of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada Ahmed Hussen announced the new passport option as part of the Liberal government's commitment to "support LGBTQ2 rights and advance the Government's agenda on gender equality, diversity and inclusion," according to a ministry statement. The X option to indicate "unspecified" sex on a passport is now available. Those choosing it can add an observation to their passport until the ministry has printed passports with the designation. According to the ministry statement, the IRCC will provide this "gender neutral" option on other documents it issues. But some transgender activists are upset their province's regulations don't mesh with the federal framework.


"How do I apply for a passport when I can't get any documents that support me provincially to prove that I'm actually not male or female?" Gemma Hickey told the National Post. Hickey, described as "transmasculine but identifies as non-binary" in the Toronto Sun, is taking the Newfoundland and Labrador government to court because she wants a gender-neutral birth certificate. The case is scheduled to be heard November 22. The Saskatchewan government has also been taken to court by three families who want gender markers erased from all government-issued ID, including birth certificates. The case was heard in July, and no ruling has yet been released. Kori Doty, a self-described "non-binary trans" person who doesn't want to be either man or woman, has taken British Columbia to court for a birth certificate with no sex designation for her baby.


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Source: LifeSiteNews

A few large businesses control the vast majority of online commerce. Google, YouTube (owned by Google), Facebook, and PayPal, each dominate a different facet of the internet. Together they hold a near-monopoly on the flow of information and news, and as such are able to manipulate public discourse and limit free inquiry. Questions are now being raised by public figures whether the time is ripe for these tech giants to be regulated as public utilities to provide greater safeguards against favouring of progressive values and messaging over balanced or conservative ones. The tech giants' liberal cultures have shown themselves to be illiberal. Far from welcoming free discussion among their employees, those with differing or dissenting political and/or cultural views have been swiftly cast out. 


Former White House adviser Steve Bannon, says Facebook and Google "are essential elements of 21st century life," that "should be regulated as utilities." Bannon's argument is that they have become effective necessities in contemporary life. There may be businesses that lend themselves  to becoming a natural monopoly, such as a cable company, a water and sewer system, or a railroad." David Chavern, the president and CEO of the News Media Alliance said "This threat to America's news industry looms mostly unnoticed: Google and Facebook's dominance of online advertising, could do far more damage to the free press than anything the president posts on Twitter." Jonathan Taplin, author of "How Facebook, Google and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy", warns that the tech giants "now determine the future of the music, film, television, publishing and news industries."


Google, Facebook and Amazon now enjoy political power on par with Big Oil and Big Pharma, which makes finding solutions to this problem even more difficult." Fox News host Tucker Carlson makes the case for regulating tech giants. Carlson said, "Google is the most powerful company in the history of the world. It's the portal through which most of our information flows. That means that if Google isn't on the level, neither is our understanding of the world. To an unprecedented extend, Google controls reality. Google has already shown a disturbing willingness to distort reality for ideological ends." Carlson continued, "Google has refused to allow anti-abortion advertisements on its platforms even though they freely allow pro-abortion ones. Google often blacklist certain sites from hosting ads which denies them revenue. Recently, YouTube has introduced cuts to, 'offensive content.' What's offensive? Who decides?"


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Source: Premier Daily News

There have been reports that Christian children at refugee camps in Sudan aren't receiving food unless they say Islamic prayers. Three sources have told Catholic humanitarian charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) that families arriving from war-torn South Sudan are not having their beliefs respected. A contact, who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons, told the charity how Christian refugees from South Sudan are "in a terrible situation" in refugee camps in Sudan. Dr John Newton from the charity said he hopes that the children won't be conditioned into abandoning Christianity. He said: "I don't think we have enough information at the moment to know whether they will be in any danger of leaving their faith or not. "Most of the young people are with their families. So hopefully their family's faith and example will provide a corrective to any pressure that's been brought along from other sources."


Newton also said that ACN has received reports that it is hard for refugee families to survive on food provided by the government. A monthly food parcel for a family lasts little more than two weeks, leading parents to seek provisions in the local market. Newton said items provided by the UN are sold in the market, many still in wrappers marked with UNICEF or UNHCR logos. "We would ask the Sudanese government to respect the faith of everyone that comes into their country as a refugee," he said. "We ask that where there is food going awry from sources which are being provided by the UN, that they do a thorough investigation to ensure that all food arriving for refugees is arriving to them free of charge." Newton asked people to pray for peace and stability in South Sudan so that the refugees can go back home and resume their lives as they were before conflict started.


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Source: Premier Daily News

A new poll has found that less than a tenth of people in the UK believe in creationism. The study by Newman University Birmingham and YouGov, which also sampled Canadians, sought to examine public perceptions and attitudes towards evolution. It found that while there is a broad consensus of acceptance of evolutionary science in both countries, non-religious people also expressed doubts about evolutionary science. Those who identified as religious or spiritual were also significantly more likely to find it difficult to accept evolutionary science in reference to their personal beliefs. Only 9 per cent of UK respondents said "humans and other living things were created by God and have always existed in their current form". Meanwhile, 19 percent of UK atheists believe evolution cannot explain the existence of humanity.


According to The Times, the number of Brits believing in creation is down 50 per cent in the past eight years. UK adults showed the highest levels of ease in accepting evolutionary science in reference to their personal beliefs, with 64 per cent saying they found it very easy, easy, or somewhat easy in comparison to 50 per cent in Canada. The survey also found that 12 per cent of people in the UK believe that animals around today look exactly how God created them. Professor Fern Elsdon-Baker, Director of the Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum project, said: "What these surprising findings highlight for the first time is that concerns about evolutionary science aren't necessarily based solely on individuals' religious identity. "It is not just that some religious people have questions about human evolution it is that some humans have questions about human evolution."

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Source: Faithwire.com

Facing rising murder rates in the city's west end, Governor Bevin spoke out at a community meeting in June about the devolving situation on the ground in Louisville. At the time, Louisville Metro Police had investigated an historic 118 criminal homicides in 2016, but, as of May, the 2017 murder rate was on pace to surpass the previous record-setting year. In an effort to deal with the crisis, Bevin encouraged the people of Kentucky to embrace the "power of prayer" by organizing prayer groups that would regularly take to the streets of high-crime neighbourhoods. He urged volunteers to choose a block in their communities and form teams of three to 10 people that could then walk up and down the streets several times a week for the next year. His plan was met with both supporters and detractors, but the conservative governor said it would be a chance for "people of faith to put their faith to work."


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Source: PRNewswire/USNewswire

A Court of Appeals has held that a school may ban its football coach from praying silently following a football game. "Banning all coaches from praying individually in public just because they can be seen is wrong," First Liberty President and CEO Kelly Shackelford said. "This is not the America contemplated by our Constitution." Coach Kennedy's case has received attention from prominent national leaders, including President Trump who voiced support for Coach Kennedy on social media. Additionally, retired NFL players Steve Largent and Chad Hennings filed a brief with the Court in support of Coach Kennedy. "According to the Court, it is unconstitutional for a coach to make a sign of the cross or bow his head in prayer when a player gets hurt," said Mike Berry, Deputy General Counsel to First Liberty. "We are deeply disappointed by the decision and will consider all options available to Coach Kennedy as we continue to review the opinion."


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