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Sent: Wednesday 17/Nov/2004 Topic: National


Source: Australian Prayer Network


In this update we outline plans being put in place to increase the awareness of the day across the nation, how we intend to increase the promotion of the day from a national perspective, and how you can assist in this regard.

Churches, communities and individuals are beginning to gear up for next years National Day of Thanksgiving with requests for material, information and assistance steadily coming into our office.


We are looking for nationally recognised individuals from the fields of Church, politics, sport, entertainment and the community, to act as Ambassadors for the day. Their role is simple. We ask only for 15/30 seconds of their time. They are men and women widely known across the nation who would be prepared to give us a 15 or 30 second sound bite (and video if such could be arranged) for playing across the airwaves of our nation stating why they support the National Day of Thanksgiving.

This is how you can help us. If you personally know such a person could you please approach them on our behalf and ask whether they would be willing, to give us the stated sound bite. If they agree would you please let us know at apn@ausprayernet.org.au giving us their name and telephone contact number. We will pass on that information to the people doing the sound production and they will be contacted for their statement in due course. If you know of such people, but not well enough to approach them yourself, would you kindly advise us of their name and contact details and we will arrange an approach ourselves. Please do not just give us names. Contact details are essential before recommending them to us.


We are confident that we will have more than 180 Christian radio stations committed to being major sponsors of the day in their respective cities and communities across Australia. The VisionFM network, many Rhema stations and several stations in our major capital cities have already agreed to extensively promote the day and encourage their communities to "own" the day at the local level. We are working towards obtaining a "blanket" support level from Christian radio across the nation.

The Australian Christian Channel, currently available on Optus Pay TV and soon to be added to Foxtel & Austar services, will be our primary television sponsor. They are in the final stages of building us a new interactive website (at no cost to us) which will enable communities to register events themselves on the site thus allowing people to gain ready access to such information.


We have obtained the honorary services of a writer who is currently writing articles that will be sent for publication to Church and secular press outlets in an endeavour to increase the print coverage of the day in newspapers and magazines across the country. Koorong Books have agreed to again distribute 120,000 leaflets next year in their monthly catalogue at no cost to us.


These are being prepared at present and when available will be sent on request and free of charge, to Churches and media outlets to assist in the promotion of the day to members of their congregations or communities. If you are prepared to promote the day in your Church and would like to place an order for a kit please email name of person and postal address to which they should be sent to apn@ausprayernet.org.au Be aware however that delivery will not be until early next year. A marketing consultant is also assisting us (again free of charge) in developing a model that can be used in communities across Australia by folk keen to give leadership in promoting the day in their community.


We have made a decision to print up to 400,000 thanksgiving cards this year (as against 80,000 last year) and Koorong Books have kindly agreed to be the national distributor for these cards which will be available from around February next year. They will be able to be ordered online from early next year. Details later when cards are ready.


Obviously to undertake promotion on this scale requires substantial funding. We are grateful for the support of those companies and individuals mentioned above who have already committed to undertake substantial work at no cost to us which is equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars at commercial rates. We need however the support of the general public to assist with production and mail out costs for Church and media kits, for the printing of that and other material that will need to be produced. Obviously the more funding we receive the greater will be our ability to penetrate the community with material promoting the day.

We therefore seek assistance in the following form.

* Donations made payable to the Australian Prayer Network from individuals, Churches or businesses committed to seeing this day properly celebrated in our nation. These should be sent to PO Box 31, Epping NSW 1710.

* Businesses, organisations or individuals who may wish to donate their services by undertaking work for us free, or at cost, in the areas of printing, distribution of advertising material in mailouts etc, website management, or other services that could be useful in facilitating this day.

Please remember this is a grass roots movement not privy to any government, church or organisational funding. If we all put our shoulder to the wheel however there is no limit to what can be achieved.


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