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AUSTRALIAN NEWS 14th March 2018

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Source: Marriage Alliance

South Australian schools will be replacing the controversial Safe Schools program with a broader anti-bullying program in reaction to push back from parents, under a re-elected Labor Government. After the federal government stopped funds for Safe Schools in October, it was up to state governments to decide whether they wanted to continue the program. Labor governments in the ACT and Victoria continued their own versions of the program without the modifications put in place following a federal government review, while New South Wales and Tasmania decided to replace it. In Queensland, local schools have been allowed to continue the program, but have to find their own funds to do so.


Initially, South Australia instituted its own version of the program, but after pushback, they decided to adapt the program again to focus on a broader message. MP Dennis Hood said that changing the program was an obvious choice in light of the feedback they received: Our offices have been inundated with parents, grandparents and educators who did not want their children taught this theory in the classroom. Opposition education spokesman John Gardener also welcomed the changes:  "Labor's current program has got a very narrow focus in dealing with the particular needs of students identifying as LGBTI." he said. The Liberal Party has announced a similar policy if elected on Saturday.


Mr Gardner went on "Students identifying as LGBTI are an important cohort that we need to look after, the statistics show that they are more vulnerable than most students but they're certainly not the only students who are suffering from bullying. There are a whole range of reasons  students suffer from bullying in our schools. The new program will focus not just on the bullying of LGBT students, but bullying overall, especially that which occurs online. This is a relief to many parents who are opposed to their children being taught radical gender theory. The developments in South Australia demonstrate that parents raising their voices, really do have an impact on what gets taught in schools.


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Source: Australian Christian Lobby

Opposition to the so called 'Safe Schools' gender theory program has reached a new level in Victoria with thousands of parents now calling for their right to pull their kids out of classes teaching this controversial material. Melbourne mother, Maria Hill and Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) Victorian director Dan Flynn have delivered a 16,675 signature petition to the Victorian Premier's office protesting the continued use of the Safe Schools program. The petition demands action from a Government continuing to encourage cross dressing, teaching kids that their gender is 'fluid' and promoting instruction in chest binding (so that girls can appear as boys).


"Unless the Andrews Government shows a quick willingness to respond to these parental concerns, by removing 'Safe Schools' from the classroom, voters will be looking to support other parties that promise to scrap it at this year's state election," Mr Flynn said. "Parents are outraged that the Victorian Government continues to teach that childrens' gender is fluid under the cover of a so-called anti-bullying program. The concern is heightened now as the government has made it clear that 'Safe Schools' will be compulsory for all high school students this year." Documentary evidence that the Government continues to promote these extreme concepts was also presented to the Premier's office.


The Education Department Guide continues to endorse 'All of Us', a publication of Safe Schools Coalition Australia and Minus 18. 'All of Us' states: "Gender isn't quite as simple as whether you're 'male' or 'female'. It's up to the individual to describe what gender identity fits them best. 'All of Us' also asserts that asking new parents whether their baby is a boy or a girl reinforces harmful heteronormativity. 'All of Us' endorses Minus 18, an organisation funded by the Victorian Government, which publishes "Healthier and safer ways to bind your chest" for girls wishing to present as male in public places. The publication states that the practice is risky and has the potential to be lethal.

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Source: Organisers of the network Granddads4grandkids

In the Bible God often communicates with individuals through dreams. Joseph (of the coat of many colours) learns through a dream that he has a God-given destiny, and there are many more examples. Tea Gardens' David Brailey is another man of God who has received messages in dreams. "I've had dreams that have changed my life." The outcome of a recent dream is the simple yet profound notion of granddads praying for their grandkids. "I saw people, I couldn't tell you who they were, but they were praying together. I asked God what was happening and he said, 'You're praying with these other granddads for your grandkids.'


"I wasn't looking for ministry, I've discovered that's not the way to do it," said David. David is a father of three, grandfather of six and has served in leadership with a number of Christian congregations. He and his wife Jenny are steeped in scripture and trust God absolutely. They regularly host prayer groups in their home, but this was something new. David shared his idea with his friend Ron Sunderland. While raised a Christian, Ron wouldn't call himself a church man. However, he came on board without hesitation. "It was such a good thing, I had to be part of it." The invitation to granddads is simple: gather with three or four others, including a facilitator, for just three or four weeks in succession.


Share something of your story, and pray for your grandchild or grandchildren. Some men are distant, geographically and/or emotionally, from their grandchildren, perhaps because of a relationship breakdown. However, as David points out, there is no gap that can't be bridged by prayer. Indeed, the image on David's website is the Singing Bridge that links Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest. Participant Leon Bobako tells of writing letters to his four grandsons and delivering them personally. "I thought, 'if I fell off the perch tomorrow, would they even know what granddad thought about them?' For more information please visit www.granddads4grandkids.org



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